Event and Race Calendar


*an asterisk indicates the event is in the contemplation or goal stage (likely not yet registered)


July: 48 hr race, Sweden*

~January 20 - February 28: Yukon Quest by Foot (solo sub-Arctic traverse of 1,600km winter trail)

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February: Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, 300 miles, Whitehorse, Canada

April: Mustang Trail Race, multi-day, Nepal (for training and adventure)

May 28: Guinness World Record 12hr treadmill, Western Australia

September 25: Gobi 100km International Trail Race, China


January: Australia Day Ultra 100km, Australind, Australia

April: 11th IAU 24hr World & European Championships, Torino, Italy

May: Kep Ultra, 75km + 600 mtr, Western Australia

July: Dolomites Vertical Kilometre, 2.5km + 1,000 mtr, Italy

August: Monte Rosa Walser Trail, 50km + 4,000 mtr, Italy

August: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), 170km + 10,000 mtr, France/Italy/Switzerland

October: Canyon de Chelly Ultra 55km, Arizona, USA


February: Coburg 6 Hour, Melbourne, Australia

April: Coburg 24 Hour/National 24 Hour Championships, Melbourne, Australia

June: Sri Chinmoy 12 Hour, Sydney, Australia

August: MountainMan (Swiss Trail Running Champs), 80km + 5,000 mtr, Switzerland

September: Lost Soul Ultramarathon 100km, Canada

November: Mainpeak talk, Perth TBA


March: Coburg 6hr, Victoria, Australia (did not compete due to heat wave at venue)

March 14: Mainpeak talk "Endurance Running: When 42k is Just a Training Run"

May: 10th IAU World 24hr World & European Championships, the Netherlands

July: Swissalpine 78k, Switzerland

August: IronTrail 201k + 11,300 mtr, Switzerland

September: Lost Soul 100Mile, Canada

November 17: Mainpeak talk "Trail Running: 10k to 1000k"


May: The North Face 100k, Blue Mountains, Australia

June: Kep Ultra 100k, Western Australia

September: TransAlpine Run (320km +15,000 mtr, 8 day team stage race), Europe

October: Keynote speaker: Australian Oracle User Group, Perth Conference

December: Coast to Kosciuszko, 240 kms, Australia


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